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The Day After the 4th

We made it! 4th of July has come and gone! For many of us, it was a dud with rain and postponed fireworks. However, in my case, the party went on with or without the fireworks. The days leading up to the main event are filled with juggling camp schedules, food shopping, beach play dates, and parties. By the time the 4th rolls around ... I AM ON FUMES! Putting my way to the finish. Hoping I didn't forget anything because I am NOT and I mean NOT MOVING MY CAR!! Unless of course I decide to take my life into my own hands. LOL it's crazy out there. So, we survived. Everyone had fun and now ... I just want to sleep!

No rest for the party host. Up at dawn to clean up the mess and get the kiddos off to camp. No time to unwind and relax. Nope. Now for the best part... it's time to start back to school shopping! Yes, for many of us, 4th of July marks the beginning of summer. However, if you have young children, this marks the time when you need to start prepping for back to school and the fall sport schedule. So, bring on the Amazon Prime Day specials because the day after the 4th is simply time to gear up for school! Good luck and happy shopping!

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