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The Sounds of Summer Sank in the Sea

The Sounds of Summer Sank in the Sea" shares wonderful memories of a summer spent by the sea. Winter has come and though the fun brought by summertime begins to fade, the memories do not. The book appeals to children 2 to 5 years of age, who enjoy beach and summer activities.

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Reading My Book with Local Beach Bums
Book Cover
Under the Surf

About the Author

Melanie Lippincott Zappone has had a life long love of poetry and the beach. She grew up in Woodstown, NJ but spent her summers having fun in the sand and waters of Cape May, NJ. Melanie wrote her first poem "The Sounds of Summer Sank in the Sea" when she was only 10 years old. As the years progressed, writing became a way of self expression and pride. After graduating from college, Melanie moved to the New Jersey shore where she worked, married, and eventually settled in Margate, NJ to raise her family by the ocean. Melanie hopes to share her wonderful memories with her children and young children around the world.

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